Fine hair in need of a boost!?? Read on…

I have a few clients that have very fine hair. One client in particular practically begs me for a perm so that she can have ‘big hair like the good days’ – I am not a fan of this idea but do I understand her plea.  To style her hair herself is serious arm ache for not alot of the benefits. Its all Blow drying, products, rollors and backcombing only to be flat again a couple of hours later.

So when I stumbled accross this AMAZING styling tool of life changing proportion my Lovely  client Clare was the first person I shared with.

What is it? Its called a ‘Roots Boost’ and its from the creators at Babyliss so its readily available pretty much everywhere. 

What does it do? Apart from giving you the warm feeling you get spending money on something that actually does what it promises it’s essentially a mini ‘Crimper’ so it mini crimps your hair at the root giving you an istant BIG boost that lasts all day.

Its easy and quick to use and saves back combing which can only be a good thing girls!

So if you want a big bouncy bob like Amanda Holden but your hair has other idea go check them out. I think you might like ’em.