My best bridesmaid style of the month


Bridesmaids are lucky lucky girls, They get all of the glamour and fun that a wedding brings and none of the stress or financial worries. 

The lucky things also get to have their hair and make up done so that they will make YOU look great in your photos, no not because you have chosen ugly girls that will make you look stunning but because a bevvy of beauties always looks fabulous in photos. Don’t feel pressured to pay for them though we often get bridesmaids paying for their own hair and make up. Ask them and see how they feel if you’re concerned maybe you could split the cost. If it means you can stretch the budget and get exactly what you want then why not? Don’t feel bad asking ladies… They already got the dress, shoes and meal!!

Anyway down to the important bit – This is my current fave bridesmaid up do, great if you have a few and you want them all to have the same style. It ticks all the boxes-  Its flattering as it lifts the face and on trend with the plait and messy side bun. You could add flowers, or pins to finish it off. This brides cleverly used vintage style broaches pinned in with kirby grips, the effect is just gorgeous. xx