A VERY White Wedding.

This winter has been particulary cold and while 5” of snow is a beautiful thing and looks magical in your wedding album is does make things difficult for everyone on a wedding day.

We had 3 weddings booked for Saturday 18th December. The night before I checked the weather forecast, filled my car with blankets, a shovel and snacks and checked in with the other stylists to form a B plan. No bride will get let down on my watch..We have a 100% record for this and I wasnt going to let the snow change things now.

When we all left to go to our weddings in the morning none of us realised quite bad the snow was going to get.

Yuki managed to get a train to The Four Seasons in Hampshire from London, although the B plan was a £90 taxi and a room overnight. Christina bravely trekked through the snow to Seaford and I managed to get through a blizzard to The Barn at Bury Court in Farnham where I watched all 5 inches of white stuff grow around my car.

All 3 of us arrived at our destinations on time or early. I know at my wedding in Farnham 32 guests didn’t make it and plans were changed due to the weather. Fortunately the bride, groom, registrar and caterers did, the staff at The barn were outstanding and everyone had a fantastic day.

It took me nearly 5 hours to drive home 30 miles, a few acts of random kindness from men pushing my car out and all my snacks but my God it felt good not to have to let anyone down and know that the stylists at Lovehair felt the same. So a big THANK YOU to our heroic stylists at Team Lovehair for going above and beyond for our brides.