We do Love(hair) a Royal wedding

I just have to say that I am too excited at the prospect of a Royal wedding in 2011, and just like buses I hear there will be more than 1. Brilliant!

Although it’s the Wedding of our Generation’s ‘King’ Prince William and The beautiful Kate Middleton that excites me the most. The news has put a great big smile on my face, not only do I feel we need this a country, celebrating a great BIG family wedding to which we are all invited (sort of) but it inspires us. Plus everyone LOVES a wedding.. right?

So in true patriotic style I will be ordering a commemorative mug and getting the bunting out. I will also be having a chat with my neighbours to see if we can organize a street party like the old days to celebrate properly. I have already booked the day off. Hopefully you have the day off too, another reason to make us smile!

Down to the important bit. How do you think Kate should wear her hair?…I have already thought about this…alot. and I’m going with a low Chignon. it will have to be chic and graceful, yet enough to hold the long veil Kate will undoubtedly wear…So it willl have to be large. Infact very similar to the last wedding I styled at Westminster Abbey! (Her name was Kate too!)

I’m thinking….soft, elegant, on trend yet classic,


Although i’m sure she’d feel more comfortable and look just as good with this down do, Voluminous waves pulled over one shoulder.

However she Kate wears her hair, one things for sure she’ll look like a Princess.