How to achieve a low side bun

So how can you get that low side bun look that everyone is talking about.

Brush hair into a low pony tail between the nape of your neck and behind th ear.

Secure with a band

Keep tight against head

Separate/divide pony tail into 3 different sections , with your fingers curl around to form a loop and secure against head with a Kirby grip any excess hair should be looped around again until its short enough to tuck the ‘sticky out ends’ in.

If your hair is very straight or tick nd starts sticking out and not letting you curls it you can use tiongs or straighteners to help it along.

Bring hair from front round and secure near centre of bun then do the same to create the roundness, you can use this extra hair to fill in any gaps.

The bun can be messy and unstructured as long as it stays round.