Nonsuch Mansion’s Preferred Hair And Make Up Suppliers

We are delighted to be in Nonsuch Mansion’s ‘Little white book’ as one of their preferred supliers.

Why are we so happy? Obviously it’s always great to feel loved by such a gorgeous venue but actually because if we had our own little white book then Nonsuch would certainly be at the top of it.

The venue itself is not what you expect. It’s stone wall exterior is a huge contrast to the warmth inside. Although it is luxuirius and interesting it is the perfect venue to put your own stamp on. No 2 weddings seem to look the same here, surely that’s what you look for in a venue?

I love the little details in the decor and the luxurius finish that everything has. I have been lucky enough to work on a couple of shoots there recently, one of them was while they were decorating their Christmas tree…Wow. Would of loved to have seen that bad boy finished – What a beauty!

On a personal level I am chuffed to bits because I was brought up in a house a mere 10 minute walk from here, I learned to ride my bike in it’s shadows, I climbed trees (That were forbidden! Shhh) in it’s grounds and had childhood adventures with my brother in the park that it stands. As a child it was the grandest most magical place I knew and I always thought I would get married there, and that was before it was transformed into the beauty that it is today!

I didnt get married there as my lovely husband is Scottish so we chose Loch Lomond I (equally as magical but without the personal history) but I am so pleased to be working with brides that have chosen my special place as their own. It really is somewhere where happy memories are made.

Check out their website and chat to their super friendly team.

Hair :Emily Make up: Laura

Hair : Jo Make up: Kerry