Review of ‘The O’ by Cloud 9

Messy is the new dressy and It’s all about the ‘O’ girls!

The ‘O’ Arrived at Lovehair HQ today, it’s the revolutionary new curling system by Cloud 9, a company already popular with hairdresser’s and now making it’s mark with girls looking for the next big thing. Move over GHD the ‘O’ has arrived.

If you are after that beachy volumuous sexy wave as worn by celebrities such as Abbey Clancy then this beauty is for you ( I know for a fact that she does actually use these boys to achieve her look)


However at £200 it’s not cheap so we’d thought we’d check it for you first and give you the low down.

Lidia and Claire from the Bookings team both let me trial these on them. Claire has shoulder length fine hair and Lidia’s is longer, thicker and straighter – The kind of hair that doesnt like to be curled.

Claire’s hair was brushed through and transformed into polished Hollywood waves. I was really impressed with the results it gave with only a small amount of product.

We kept the brush away from Lidia’s straight hair which was given the gift of volume and some serious bounce.

So is it worth it? The results were pretty good actually, my only complaint would be that you have to buy the clips seperately as the rollers themselves although velco are pretty much impossible to keep in without them if you were doing it on yourself.

On the plus side – They heat up in a super fast 4 seconds. Although you do have to keep popping them in The ‘O’ pod to heat them up- Lucky it only take s 4 seconds as I kept forgetting!

If you are looking for curls, this is not for you. The much sought after messy loose waves are easily achieveable with this gadget and I personally love it on my super straight hair. Girls, go get your ‘O’ in time for sexy Summer hair!