Styling hair for the Royal wedding, lots of bubbles and lots of fun!

Last week I had an email from a lady in New York, she had been recommend our services by a friend and was looking for help styling her hair for a wedding. The Royal wedding no less. Cue much excitement and speculation in the Lovehair office.

The big day arrived and I had set my alarm for 5am in order to leave for 6am as my client needed to be out the house for 8am. My, these Royals get married early!

My lovely client turned out to be one of Catherine’s close school friends. It was great to see her reaction to the proceedings in London and how excited everyone was. She had a simple and elegant blow dry in order for her amazing black feather hat to perch on one side.

All finished by 7.30am, I stopped off on the way home to pick up Champagne and nibbles for our own Wedding day buffet for my family and got back just in time to watch the guests arrive at Westminster Abbey, I could barley move off the sofa for fear of missing my client walking in!!

The whole wedding was so personal it was such a pleasure to watch, it felt like it was their day and we were all invited. I LOVED every minute of it.

Us Irvings celebrated Irving style. We finished the day with our rather delicious buffet, more champagne and a Street party in Reigate. I awoke the next day mildly hungover and thinking about the wedding – Just like I would if i had of been there..’What was my best bit?’ ‘Remember when that happened?’..’Oh that bit was soo lovely!’

I felt like I had been to this wedding!! I had the early morning, the excitement of styling hair for a big day, I drank champagne, shed a tear, went to a party and felt thoroughly happy through out and I don’t even know them! Weird.

After a week or so of chatting to my clients about this, it turns out I’m not the only one!!