Amanda – My Stylist Extraordinaire!

After all the changes I’ve made, I work with one stylist now and various assistants, that I am mentoring. If myself or Amanda can’t do a wedding I will recommend happily someone else but it wouldn’t be under the ‘Lovehair umbrella’. As I said in my last post, I’d prefer to concentrate on my brides and students rather than building an agency and giving less than 100%.

This may change in the future, especially if my daughter decides to follow in my footsteps but right now there are no plans to expand.

Amanda is my ‘go to’ stylist, I have worked with her for a few years and as soon as I met her I was engulfed by her huge heart and sparkle. She has sun rays beaming from her face (Not quite, but nearly)  But she does have a heart of gold that you can see from here.

She is the only person I have ever chatted to about business and weddings that says exactly the same thing as me, before I’ve even said it. She just gets it. I trust her 100%. I know she wouldn’t let me down and she won’t let my brides down either. Words like ‘professional, reliable and experienced’ get chucked around all the time on CVs and websites, they don’t mean anything. Anyone could of written that. It’s literally text book stuff.

But I promise you Amanda is all those things but she’s also fun, creative, caring, intelligent, thoughtful and bloody good at her job! I’m proud that she is part of Lovehair and you’d be lucky to have her with you on your wedding day