The ‘Lovehair Tribe’ Has Arrived! Who’s in?

So 2016 is looking like the year of the #GIRLGANG..

Woop! Finally we are supporting each other , encouraging each other and helping one another kick ass. And man, does it feel good!?  We’ve always done this in a more private,  ‘Let’s have a cuppa’ kinda way. But this is different.. Many of us on are running or starting business’ and blogging, using social media to chat to our clients, but also to other small business’s and even our competitors

I always say to my students ; Don’t be afraid of your competition,  you have more in common with other stylists trying to do what you’re doing, so embrace it, make friends with them!’ I’ve already had students contact each other through Instagram, who are now working alongside each other in their own girl gang! Boom!



It’s cool to be nice. It’s additive, it feels good and it free’s you up from comparing yourself to others (The danger zone!!) I see it every day and suddenly it feels OK to message that person that you think rocks and letting them know!

It’s Ok to admire another  women and talk business or ask for help. She’s no different to you. She is you just a few years down the line. Don’t get me wrong; we‘ve all been shat on by that one stylist or business owner  that has gone a bit further  than ‘admiring’ your work, if you get my drift? But don’t write off a whole tribe because one member has let you down. 


There’s been a lot of talk of tribes in my house since my last post. But last week I held a workshop for ‘Instagram worthy braids’ and it went up a notch..

We plaited and chatted all day, and yes I taught them how to braid some funky ass braids. I gave a few business tips and we laughed about shared experiences but more than that – We were 4 women, from totally different back grounds, with similar creative minds, skills and ambition.  The energy in the room was another level, bouncing ideas off each other and feeling excited about our jobs again. (I am already mega excited about mine, obviously! But we all need a boost )

 I feel like the Lovehair Tribe was born right there, in my kitchen, among the dolly heads and cut flowers.



I’d like to grow this and extend an invite to any stylists that has attended any Lovehair course over the years! 

The plan is, that I would like you to think of a ‘hair’ or business goal that you would like to reach by the end of the year and we’re gonna collectively help you get there! (Or not, you can just come for the banter and to maybe make some new friends!) You never know what opportunities may arise from meeting new people in your industry.

This isn’t a FHBF, that’s been done and its very good! (I thoroughly recommend!) This is just a group of like minded, creative people chatting about hair/make up and learning from each other. Remember – I have already met all of you so know you will get along!

You are all welcome and I promise I won’t make you stand up and say who you are and where you’re from!  I will however, make you take a #squadgoals selfie!

I’m thinking Spring is a good time.. It will be held in Reigate, Surrey, but the venue will depend on numbers, so let me know if you fancy it and I will send you more details soon

Monday 7th March @ 7pm in Reigate.

Who’s in?!

Don’t take your girl gang for granted, we are the babes that want to see you do well and will offer you a perfectly manicured hand to give you a lift up!

Peace, love and tribal gatherings

Jo xx

PS: I meant to post this last week, but very sadly a member of my family passed away totally un- expectantly, and it felt wrong writing about hair, when I knew my cousins and family were in so much pain.
Let’s get this in perspective, it’s just hair. What’s important is family, love and our experiences in life. The only good thing that ever comes from something so heartbreakingly shitty is that you get a sense of clarity and to appreciate your health, your loved ones and your memories. In the end that’s all that matters.
It doesn’t make me think ‘ Life’s too short, buy the shoes’ It’s makes me think ‘We’re not here long enough..F**king GO FOR IT! Who cares what anyone else thinks? Let’s cram in as many experiences and memories as possible! Live the life you want to live, and love your loves with all your might.
So, Phone your dad and invite him to dinner, tell your bro he’s awesome, call your mum and tell her you love her, hatch some kick ass plans!

Now. Go do it!

(Apologies for the swearing, but sometimes only a swear word will do!)

Peace out x