Messy Hair, Don’t Care

We all love a messy up do of late, me more than most!

It’s quite an art to achieve ‘the perfect messy top knot’ for that #Sundaygoals Instagram look, that is so chic. But do you actually want that for your wedding day? I often get asked how someone has created a particular look, (like the  styles below) But to be honest, the photo is usually a blogger rather than a bride and they’ve probably not really thought about it. Just casually thrown it up and secured with a coupe of pins or a band.

It’s crazy easy but equally crazy hard to get this look right, without looking too sculpted. It may have not been washed for the perfect amount of days, or have been slept on for the right amount of time first. Well done them.

(Stylists – PREP is key! See my earlier post on what products I use to achieve this)

Brides, I know you love it but ask yourself – Do you really want that for your wedding?  I am queen of the messy up do, soft, unstructured, sexy hair but after a certain point, even I question this..

So, how to #nailit? Get your ‘level of mess’ right, show your stylists lots of photos of what you’re comfortable with. Her idea of a ‘messy up do’ may be totally different to yours. Try it, see how you feel. Look at your profile and try with your veil in your wearing one.

Use words like undone, unstructured, soft and loose when describing styles to your stylist but the best thing you can do is show photos. Do you really like that hair style or is it just a really cool chic and a well set up photo?

As I say, I am definitely Pro The Messy Do! Too neat can be a bit ‘Miss Marple’ so sex it up a bit, but there is a fine line between ‘messy hair’ and actually just messy hair. Make sure you are on the right side of it…I can help with that!

The only other thing I will say; based on past experience, is that the mums rarely ‘LOVE’ this look. In your heart of hearts you know they won’t really, and that’s cool. But don’t take it to heart and let it sway you. They LOVE you and will be proud beyond belief and that’s what matters! 

The photos below are examples of what brides have shown me before..What do you think? 

Peace, love and messy hair

Jo xx