I’m in the middle of writing a blog post about confidence, but I really wanted to share this with you today..

Back in the day every stylist her her brother (literally in my case! ha!) started setting up agencies and teams of stylists, I have mentioned this before and it’s not really copying, just a natural and obvious way of growing your business.

Recently, more stylists are setting up training schools and ‘acadamies’, which I’ve gotta say is more surprising; as there is a huge amount of responsibility involved – Just because that’s what you WANT to do, doesn’t mean you have the skills to do it. Its not about you. It’s about the student – You can’t simply say you are going to train someone to be a bridal stylist, it’s their dream and ambition to do that, and you can’t play about with dreams, y’know!?

Again, this doesn’t bother me. I’m just using it as an example. I’m not the first person to offer training and I won’t be the last, although if I see another training page or website that emulates mine, I *might* lose my cool. (In reality, I’ll probably will just write another reallllly long ass blog post and drink prosecco with my buds!) But the point is, being copied really sucks! 

However, I’ve gotta say – after my post back in December – Being copied turned into a massively positive thing for me and has actually made me fall in love with my business all over again. It made me realise I am worth copying! I actually get butterflies in my belly at the thought of work, styling and teaching new stylists (Even after 15 years!!) I get so much joy from my job.. Now, the only problem is I can’t sleep because i’m so damn excited about what we’re abut to do and what IS happening on a daily basis. Argghhhh!!!!!

But…We all have those days when you feel like every else is doing a better job than you. Like they took your idea and made it better and now everyone thinks it’s their idea. Everyone else is breezing through making it look easy or getting all the breaks. Or just when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere and ask yourself why you’re bothering! 

I had a time about 3 years ago when I was so exhausted from not ‘working clever’ that I actually considered getting a job in Boots. (no offence to anyone that works in Boots by the way, it’s more that I have worked for myself for the last 18 years!! ) I applied for the Bumble and Bumble job. My friends all laughed at me. Then I got turned down -Turns out I was over qualified! Really!? No sh!t! 

Obviously, I didn’t want the job anyway, I just wanted a fricking break from working my ass off. I wanted to be normal for a bit.  But I can’t..It runs through my veins and no matter how hard my day is, I keep getting back up and carrying on. That sounds like seriously heavy ‘drama’. It’s really not. But if you run your own business, you’ll know what I’m talking about! Just one of ‘Those’ days…. I’m just being honest.

Just after that, I won some silly Instagram competition for Bumble and Bumble for the ‘most liked plait’ or something. It was just a nonsense thing really, but pretty cool. Then a couple of days later I got a message from B&B saying to was their MOST liked photo EVER. Gotta say, that felt pretty good! *Ego boosted/ Confidence knows no limits* Thank you very much 🙂

So after crappy things and low points usually come good stuff! I  was thinking about this I and I realised how good one positive thing can make you feel and we must harness this good stuff  –  Let’s just take a moment to think how Leonardo DiCaprio must be feeling today. (and how he felt all those times he didn’t win!) About effing time mate! But, he kept going didn’t he…!? Ay?!  – New ‘We must keep doing what we love to get the rewards’ hero? I think so!

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So, as It’s the ACTUAL LAST DAY OF FEB!!! Woooop!!! and the sun is shining, I thought i’d share with you my: 

‘No Fail’ tip for feeling good fast. 

  • Get yourself a cuppa (Really, very important part of me feeling happy)
  • Brand new gorgeous pad and pen. I prefer pads with any kind of metallic print on the cover (Also helps & only a bit joking!)
  • Write down all the positive things that have happened to you in the last week – Now, this may be as simple as an ego boosting comment that you received from a perfect stranger on Instagram
  • It may be a text from your husband telling you he’s proud. (that’s one of mine!)
  • It may be an email, text, Facebook message, review, order, booking or feedback from a client.
  • Write all that shizz down. 
  • Now go back a month or further if you can..and do the same. Find all those lovely comments you get
  • Start going through your Insta feeds and Facebook to see if theres anything you missed.

I started doing this in Jan, so it’s been easier to start from scratch but if you need something now, just look back over recent months.

  • Now read it
  • Wallow in it. 
  • Remember how you felt when you got it. Feels good?

Because the day you got that order/feedback/ text or whatever, for that minute or day it felt ACE! You were buzzing and feeling like you could DO THIS! 

But then, you hear a negative comment or someone is doing something awesome and you feel like your failing and because we are simple humans and it’s in our nature, we hold on to that for far too long, and we think about it and talk about it and let it eat us up. And it’s just one thing, or maybe 2 but it doesn’t matter –  What maters is all the gorgeous/ happy stuff that makes our heart glow like the Ready Break kid. 

We must bottle that good stuff up for when we need it later..

It’s obvious really, but focus on the positive stuff, be kind to yourself. You are awesome!

Thinking about attending one of our courses? We don’t just cover hair – I will help you understand your business, and deal with ‘those days’ too!

I hope you have found this useful, I’d love to know if it helps you a much as it helps me!

Love, peace & positive vibes

Jo xx