Why you should book a Lovehair Retreat…

I have been going on yoga based retreats in Ibiza for the last few years and have found it essential for me to progress in my business.

Initially, I started going as a way to get fit but as a full time freelance stylist, educator and mum I found that whilst I was away, it gave me time to focus on what I wanted for me and my business, after relaxing, my mind would always turn to business..I found that my biggest areas of growth usually came as a direct effect of being on retreat as I had a chance to think. This inspired me to create a retreat that was specifically for hair stylists.

To give them a space to work on their business rather than in it and the guidance and tools they need to grow both in themselves and as a hard working boss. As a customer facing profession, and often referred to as ‘therapists’, we tend to take on everyone else’s feelings, add to that long hours of standing, not eating properly then trying to grow a business and have a life. It’s exhausting, no wonder so many of us are suffering from ‘BURN OUT”

The Lovehair Retreat is about nurturing your bodies, growing your business and thinking about YOU for a change. Think of this as Burn Out Prevention! But with giggles and sun.

What do our retreats offer?

All our workshops are specifically for hairstylists, sessions include:

  • Photography skills,
  • Social media workshops,
  • Goal planning,
  • Branding,
  • Business analysis,
  • Social media overview
  • Confidence boosting sessions
  • One to one business overview
  • Mood boarding
  • Braiding
  • Accessory making
  • Photo shoot to show case their hair skills and make sure they get a head shot for the ‘gram

There are also treatments available at an extra cost such as facials, head massage, Reiki, massage, crystal healing, tarot reading and reflexology

Each day starts with silent yoga and finishes with circle time, the rest of the day is broken up into sessions and activities but it’s important that you do what you feel you need that day. There is no pressure and if you need a lay in and a day in the sun,  you do you, boo.

An example daily schedule:

7am // Gong wake (no horrible alarms here!)

7.30 // YOGA session

8.30 // Mindful journalling

9am // BREAKFAST   Nutritionally balanced vegetarian meal outside

10.30 // WORKSHOP  Either social media session or branding

1pm // LUNCH  Nutritionally balanced 3 course vegetarian meal outside

2pm // WORKSHOP or ACTIVITY Confidence boosting session – Paddle boarding

4pm // FREE TIME Optional time for treatments or to read, swim or simply get your tan on!

6.30 // DINNER   Nutritionally balanced 3 course vegetarian meal outside (with wine!)

7.30 // CIRCLE TIME   Goal setting workshop

9pm // PARTY TIME  Live music round the pool

Circle time is everyone’s favourite time of the day – We take our drinks and sit in a circle by candle light and discuss what may be holding us back, our wins, what we’re proud of and how to reach our goals. In Norfolk we took blankets and sat around the fire pit.

Most of our guests have said that ‘circle time bought them the most clarity’ it’s an amazing way for all the stylists to support each other, lean in and step up in their business and I personally think it’s essential for growth. We should all do it in our teams and salons!

Other days in Ibiza included visiting the Hippy market and dancing until 4am, a day trip to the beautiful Formentera for a photography and braid workshop on the beach.

Along with all this nurturing, I also think it’s important to conquer some fears or try something new –  In Ibiza we go paddle boarding in the sea and in Norfolk, wild swimming!

It’s exhilarating to step outside our comfort zone, especially when we are feeling fearful in other areas. It’s important for us to be brave, but also to let others support us.


Why is yoga so great for stylists?

It’s a chance for working stylists to take some time out and look after their bodies. So many of us struggle with burn out, anxiety and bad backs, practising yoga, even for this short amount of time can truly help as an anecdote to all of those things.

The yoga postures are designed for hair stylist to release the muscles around their shoulders and arms from tensions of working all day,

They use restorative and opening poses that enhance well being and mood.

I think self care in our industry is essential to allowing us to continue working as long as we wish to.


Ready to get your Ibiza on?

We currently have spaces on our Ibiza retreat 2020: 
June 12th – 18th and September 13th – 19th
You can drop an email over to or click HERE TO BOOK >

Bespoke salon retreats – POA

We run retreats for salons or groups and can bespoke the activities to reflect the salons requirements and core values, but essentially…a Lovehair retreat is a great place for the salon to become a team again, To feel excited about their new skills and go back to work more motivated and with a new energy and love for their job as well as mutual respect for their peers

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