Wedding hair extensions

Hair not long enough for the style you want? No problem…

We often use high quality human hair extensions to add volume,length,body and colour to your own hair.

Looks, feels and shines like your natural hair and we will match the colour to your own.

Why do brides love our extensions?

We use the highest quality Grade ‘A’ Remy and European hair ‘clip in’ extensions. Synthetic hair pieces are also available.

We can also colour, cut and style them into shape to blend in with your own hair. The great thing about these is that they are easy and not messy to put in and take out so you can use them again and again after the wedding.

We will advise you on the right kind of hair piece for you to achieve your desired look.

Great wedding styles with extensions.

Look 1 – Curled hair over one shoulder

Ever since Cheryl Cole got married in 2006, tumbling waves or curls over one shoulder has been popular with brides and bridesmaids alike.

It’s a style that is easy to achieve if you have long hair, but as most of us don’t have the required length we need a little help. Hair extensions are the perfect solution; they allow you to curl the hair and sweep it over one shoulder without losing the length or volume.

Here we used 16’’ blonde clip-in style, human hair extensions which blended well with Abigail’s own hair colour. It’s easy to colour match blonde hair as it has so many different tones running through it, making it very easy to disguise the extensions.

To achieve this look, your hair and the extensions should be curled first before styling in order to achieve a really natural look.

Faux bob style

Our model had a shoulder length bob which was very fine, and although we wanted to create a shorter look, we still needed to add some shape if we were going to achieve the ‘faux bob’ we were after.

We used half a packet of blond clip-in hair extensions , which we curled with the natural hair to blend the extensions in naturally. We then pinned the hair into place creating and shaping the perfect ‘faux bob’ with plenty of volume.

Curls take up a lot of hair – in this style you can see how the hair extensions have really added thickness and volume as well as length. We finished the style with the beautiful Acacia II Head piece by Jenny Packham.

The ‘faux bob’ was a popular look in 2010 with stars including Eva Longoria stepping out with this chic do. This look is perfect for fine hair.

Natural half up half down style

Hair half up is a lovely soft look for both brides and bridesmaids. It’s a pretty, classic style that pulls the hair away from the face , which is always flattering . However – you are getting the best of both worlds with this style as you are keeping the length whilst the overall look is more styled and ‘finished’ which is one that you won’t get from simply wearing your hair down.

However, if you have fine hair this look will just make your hair seem even finer. Our bride wasn’t keen on the idea of extensions and didn’t want anyone to know she had used them so we colour matched the extensions to perfectly blend with her own colour. We then carefully attached the extensions and cut them to the same length as the bride’s own hair.
The result is a very elegant and beautiful one – it’s a natural look but just with a little more volume adding detail at the crown area.

Long blonde curls

To get big tumbling curls we colour-matched and added long hair extensions. Both the natural hair and the extensions were curled with large tongs and left to set before we styled it.

The fresh flowers casually weaved through the hair gives a relaxed Boho feel, although this style would look equally good with a sparkly diamanté head piece or simply pinned at the back.

In our opinion, it is essential to use human hair extensions (ethically sourced of course!) as the synthetic variety do not respond well to the heat from tongs or strengtheners. And obviously, the look is by far and away much more natural.

Your consultation will include discussing your options with you in fine detail so if extensions are something you are thinking about, we will help you to ensure that they are matched perfectly in terms of colour, style and overall suitability.

Look 5 low chic chignon on short hair

Hair extensions are equally as good for ‘up-dos’, allowing you to achieve styles that you wouldn’t usually be able to. Here our bride had very short hair and although she didn’t want an elaborate up-do that would have been entirely out of character, she felt that she wanted something more special than her typical day to day look. The solution was to add single hair wefts to achieve this soft low bun; it’s a chic elegant look that really is perfect for brides.

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