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o, here goes! I’ve been in this awesome industry since 1997 (Woah!) so there has been plenty of twists and turns, tea and tears! I love what I do though and my desire to succeed has never dwindled. For those that don’t know me, here is a little insight of where I am and why working with me and the wonderful Lovehair Tribe is your big step to being a bad ass hair rebel like us!

Ok, lets keep this relevant as I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna know what I was doing way back then!

What I do…

I am lucky enough to work all over the world, this year alone I have worked in Sri Lanka, Rotterdam, New York, Ibiza, & Indonesia.

I regularly work on QVC for Living Proof where I am currently the only UK based educator.

I have worked with Bumble & Bumble creating content for their social media platforms and learning first hand about their new products.

I have hosted Hair & Make Up by Steph the first time she came to the UK and I loved every minute! Thanks Steph!

I am a regular guest blogger for Festival Bribes.

This past year I have been shooting with brands to create original looks for their bridal Look Books. Check out one of my favs – Tilly Thomas Lux here.

I have been shooting in Ibiza with brands such as It’s In Your Dreams, Bumble & Bumble and Living Proof.

I am the hair stylist for the Rock & Rock Bride editorial team – check out my lookbook for a sneak peak at the latest Dreamland shoot.

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Well,  It means that I know where you’re at girl and I want to help you get to the next level. I want to help you build a business that works. To help you work clever and make the most of sure precious time and to feel inspired and brave enough to be a REBEL!!!

Why do what everyone else is doing when you can carve your own path?

Way back when…

If you do wanna know what I was doing back in the 90’s:

I was finishing college and blagging my way from a Saturday girl job to Salon manager within 3 months.

I was writing a business plan and winning a Princes Trust Award to Set up my own salon at 20.

I was freaking out about the world imploding on the Millenium new year and taking 20 minutes to write a text as I worked my way through the alphabet on a Nokia 3310.

I was setting up a second company at 22 providing mobile hair services at Gretna Green.

Getting married & having 2 luscious bubbas (Still luscious, no longer bubbas!)

Then moving to Surrey to start one of the first and largest bridal agencies in the UK.

Oh, I was also out on the razz quite a bit – how did we ever go out all night and still work the next day?!..Man, I am getting OLD!!!!

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