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The How to Cut It Podcast

I’ve been a huge fan of this for a while, in fact, I am proud to say that I have recently recorded my own podcast with Dom Le Hane – check it out here.

This is great for hairstylists and anyone in business really, as it’s an isight in to the hair stylists we love’s journeys. I find it soooo inspirational and uplifting to hear the stories of the people I admire! I seriously recome d you get a cuppa and listen to Episode 88. It’s a game changer for me and if you are a stylits, it will speak to your SOUL.

You gotta subscribe and listen at the gym, in the car or walking the dog. It’s the inspiration you crave, at your fingers tips!


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My Zara puffer jacket

I’ve been working on fashion week in London and buzzing backwards and forwards to do shoots in town, which always means carrying my kit and my coat on the tube. And then lugging it around as you never know how long you will be outside for and frankly, my go to leather biker just doest cut it in winter.
This coat is probably the most practical item of clothing I’ve brought in YEARS! It’s light weight so doesn’t hurt my back ( Weird, but that’s how bad my back is on some days!) Or make me feel weighed down. It looks bloody cool with heels (my pointy white ankle boots) or trainers. It’s actually warm too – shocking, I know! And, it’s waterproof, so I can even wear to watch my son play football..Usually It’s either WARM or WATERPROOF. Never both and often resulting in lots of annoying layers.

Also…..it has a strap, so I can wear it across my shoulders when i’m too hot on the tube or at work outside but don’t have a free hand. Genius or what!?

Plus every time I wear it, someone asks me where it’s from, so here we go babes. Zara and less than £90 even if it does get unseasonably hot, this guy will see you through year after year.

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Bumble and bumble thickening spray

The guys at Bumble and Bumble sent me this last week and although I’ve used it loads of times before, I kinda forgot how AWESOME it is!
Gives super fine hair grit and volume without weighing it down AT ALL. Meaning you can blow dry a dream or add oomph to hair ups.
Infact, My hair’s pretty heavy and I’ve been using it loads for volume but also great for helping keep my hair wavy with lots of body.
Make sure you apply it to wet hair and dry it in with heat, to reach it’s full potential! Have fun!


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