6 ways to keep it together when everyone around you is dropping the c – bomb!


ways to keep it together when everyone around you is dropping the c – bomb!

It’s pretty close, I had a little wave of anxiety when I was looking at my Calendar last night and realised all the things I hadn’t done

Any hairdresser worth their sort knows December is craaaazy busy, but it can be fun too! The key to keeping it less stressful and more fun is prep guys, so here’s my 6 things to remember over the next few weeks, hopefully it will help keep it all together and leave us with enough energy to enjoy Christmas illness free! That’s the goal anyway!

Plan ahead babes!!!


1. Stock up!

Look at the month as a whole (without getting overwhelmed) and make a list of ALL the products and colours you will need so there are no last minute trips to the whole sales to fit in your busy week.

Also if you have kids – what outfit / game / home baked good do they need and when? Get the dates in to save last minute rushing / tears on the school run!

2. Group tasks

If you are going to the post office, can you do a shop, take that top back and walk the dog at the same time? Traffic is hideous at this time of year and the ‘to do’ list is endless so save time and frustrations by batch jobbing!

3. Say no

Everyone’s busy and would love you to fit in around them but at this time of year, you need to look after yourself and say no now and again. Late nights, squeezing in clients and long ass days are going to make you ill and definitely won’t give your client better hair. You may even end up losing some .. if you’ve been on my business course you’ll know I’m all about working less for the same or more money. Don’t kill your self with fitting in little jobs babe, you’d be better off allowing yourself longer to do an amazing job and wowing your client, than feeling rushed and knowing you could of done better.

4. Time to put those prices up?

Leading on from the above, January is a great time to put your prices up. Work them out now & let your client  know at their next appointment or send a group text. You could include an incentive for them to book their next appointment to ensure the quiet times aren’t so quiet..

You can always soften the blow with chocolate or hair mask with a ribbon and their appointment card to say thanks for their support.

5. Plan your outfits

Sounds crazy but  if anything is going to make me late / stress me out before an event it’s finding something to wear!

Plan your outfits at the beginning of the week or at least a few days early, so you know what you’re wearing to work / that party and it’s clean, ironed and ready to go when you are.

I can already tell you what I’m wearing Christmas Day! Too much?

6. You will be motivated to do better.

Sharing ideas is the same as writing it down, it makes it real and you feel accountable. In the tribe, you are surrounded by positive, inspiring stylists and make up artists, who are willing you to do well. You can see how far they’ve come and you know it’s achievable.

Weather you are motivated by money, time or success, you will be inspiring others who look up to you and may have just started their journey.

What’s more motivating than that? You’ve gotta OWN it.

All that and it’s just WAY MORE fun having someone with you to share the ride! Take a look at our testimonial page to find out more about how the Lovehair Tribe has made a difference to our members. To become a member of our closed facebook you need to have participated in one of our courses – ready to take the leap? Check out what’s coming up here >

Peace, Love & Awesome Hair

Jo xx


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