6 ways to get you through that ‘thing’, when you’re feeling anxious

1 // Tell someone how you feel

Sharing how you feel, stops you from internalising it which can often make it feel much worse than it really is. Saying it out loud and sharing with a friend or colleague may help you to rationalise it, they may even be able to help. It also means they will likely ask you later how you got on, so you can’t back out. This really helps me when I’m feeling anxious.

2 // Listen to empowering music

Music is a massive mind shifter, sportsman and boxers listen to uplifting, bad ass music to get them hyped up and ready to win, remember Rocky? So get your best Queen Bee on (or the greatest showman soundtrack) and go for it girl!

3 // Listen to an empowering podcast

Hearing how someone else has done this before you, or conquered a quest, whatever that may be, empowers us and helps put things into perspective when it comes to our own story. Success breeds success in so many ways and getting a hit off someone else’s positivity is often enough.

4 // Talk yourself IN TO IT

I can really easily talk myself out of things – I won’t have time, I don’t feel great, I’m not prepared, I should be doing this, I’m not good enough, I CAN’T DO IT!!

But I recently realised that I can also talk myself into things. Ignore those negative thoughts and tell yourself you can. It’s just words, It’s just thoughts. It’s just an opinion. It’s not real babe, do the thing!

5 // Visualise it going well

 I like to imagine myself telling someone how it went, how I nailed it and how the audience reacted as if I’ve already done it, it’s over and it went better than expected. Oh the relief! (Go me!)

6 // You just need 20 seconds of bravery

Sometimes I literally can’t do the thing, I’m unable to even move towards it. (Get out the car, go through the door, pick up the phone.) so I tell myself I just need 20 seconds of bravery to propel me, not even through the whole thing. Just 20 seconds. Then I can give myself another 20 seconds as I need it. Think about jumping out a plane, it may take 30 minutes but you only need a few seconds of bravery to actually jump!


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