Review Of Bumble & Bumble’s ‘Thickening Hairspray’


One of my very lovely clients recently asked me to recommend her a product that will help her tame her fine curly bob in order for her to grow it into a more glamorous shoulder skimming style. So I did. This ”Life changing” product (Her words not mine!) comes in the form of Bumble and bumble’s thickening spray.

Sprayed on to the hair whilst damp it allows fine hair to be blow-dried into volumous glamorous waves or infact, however you desire giving staying power and ‘oomph’ without the residue that some products leave. It gives real thickness to the hair unparalelled by any products I have ever used. I have discovered that it is also great for wedding hair or hair up styles including the more dishevelled matt looks we are loving these days.

The thickening spray adds texture to the hair which is great if you are one of these people that HAS to wash your hair eveery day but are having a style that suits ‘day old hair’ on your wedding day.  This means you can still have freshly washed hair for your wedding or event, just use this great product when you blow dry so that you are still able to wear your hair up without it dropping. Voila!

What Bumble and bumble say about their ‘Thickening hairspray’ : ‘It’s pretty much what it says it is (only it’s not just for fine hair). It’s for blow-drying, setting, protecting from heat, adding volume, lift and control and finishing.” I think that pretty much covers everything…!

A few people have mentioned that this is an expensive product and to be fair in comparison to other brands it’s not cheap at £20.50 a bottle. But it’s a BIG bottle (250ml) and will last you a while.

I can always justify the price of hair products that work – You wear your hair every day and if it looks good it doesn’t matter that you are wearing last seasons ‘must have’ T shirt, everyone will be looking at your hair !!

NB: If you are a bride and the thought of not washing your hair on the day of your wedding fills you with dread. Speak to your stylist. Any stylist worth their salt will have a range of products to mattify and add texture to sliky hair. Day old hair is good but happy brides are great!


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