A New Lovehair & Co HQ

For those of you that don’t know, Lovehair is my baby. It came from humble beginnings, with me sitting cross legged on my bed and a babe in my arms working until the small hours. I would literally travel all over the UK to meet brides and work with them on their wedding day. I look back now and wonder how I ever did it.
It has been a hard few years, but each year we have progressed, taken another leap forward with fingers crossed and breath held and at the end of the year I can’t imagine how I ever coped before which ever change I had made.
The first was building the website, then the first stylist I took on, a year later first make up artist, then the first employee..followed by the second, the teaching, the photo shoots and the office we had built in the garden (Always referred to as the shoffice . It is the ultimate shed/office hybrid complete with chandelier and Cath Kidsten Curtains. Cute and VERY compact )
6 years on and we now have 62 stylists and make up artists across the UK and a bookings team in an office studio in Redhill.
I am slightly embarrassed to say that I am actually very proud of myself.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am not very good at ‘selling’ myself . It’s only the last 6 months that I have realised that I have a reason to be really proud of myself and actually tell people that I run a business when they ask what I do instead of ‘I’m a hairdresser’ or make up artist.
Most importantly I finally have faith in my abilities to grow this business and make it a success.
 I maintain that the key is high customer service from initial phone call to the finished style.. Training and building up a rapport with stylists and other professionals within this amazing and creative industry.
Creative people generally aren’t business people. I haven’t got a degree in business, marketing or sales (although I would like to!) Nor do I profess to be an expert in these matter. I am simply passionate about what I do and have high standards and goals.
Despite all this, today I find myself collecting the keys to the new Lovehair HQ.  A real HQ where the magic will be happening. With an area dedicated to trials with our brides, stylist master classes and a separate area for the bookings team and admin.
I would like to share with you a little bit of our journey over the next few weeks so that you can see how we evolve our little space into something special that we can be proud of.
I am also doing this to spur me into writing more blogs more often, I always forget or run out of time but I love reading other people’s blogs so hope I can write something that you will love to read too !
I feel like I’m standing on the edge of something very big and I’m going to give it my everything.  It will take heaps more hard work, long hours and creative energy but I am soo ready for it and with a fabulous team behind me, Bring it on!!


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