Celebrating Our 10th Year & The Start Of A New Season

Ah I love this month. I almost forgot how much I loved it until literally the first of September when I woke up, realised August was done and what was to come.. It actually gave me butterflies! (This September is slightly more special as it marks our 10th, yes TENTH!!!! Birthday!!) 

It’s literally THE best time of year – Our kids go back to school – This doesn’t make me happy actually, I love hanging out with them in the summer, but I also love my routine come school term and am so proud of them for taking their changes in their stride.

It marks beginning of Autumn, with it’s beautiful golden light and the air actually feels different.

image by Studio1208
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image by Studio1208

Long walks through crunchy leaves (total cliche, but i’m sticking with it!) preferably to a pub with a roast & red wine.. NB: The Skimmington Castle in Reigate does the best Sunday lunch everrr. Fact!

Cool new boots, scarfs & chunky knitwear.

New hair trends – Do you really want that fringe!?

The best surf – The sea is always warmer and you can come in after and have a hot chocolate – You just can’t do that in the height of summer! Watergate Bay Extreme Hot chocolate is the BOMB!!!

Oh man! I just LOVE it so…

New Goals

I feel like we have been brought up and our brains programmed to believe that September is the start of the new year and change and for me it really is! Much more so than the 1st of Jan (no pressure and tidying up!)  I always feel inspired and do my best planning a this time of year. But, unlike the summer when we would like to be planning holidays and being outdoors, you don’t feel too bad having a bit of laptop time, making it a great time to start thinking about your next set of goals. For me, goal setting the best way to move my business forward and ensure I am on the right path. 

It’s also helpful to look back at past goals and give yourself a pat on the back –  That long o’l To Do list that finally ‘Got Done’ looks pretty good now doesn’t it? *Insert high five*

I have recently been introduced to Bullet Journalling which I will be trying out with lots of ‘new term / fresh note book’ enthusiasm. Looks like a great way to pimp up your ‘to do’ list skills. Check it out HERE >

And in true September spirit we have a whole bunch of new hair courses available so you can get  ‘Back To School’ too!

I have broken the bridal training down into 5 individual hair courses, not just wedding hair but business building,  3 hour hair workshops and beginners hair courses to cover your individual needs. I will be adding a blog post each week to give you the low down on each one. 

That was my September ‘new year change’  by the way – To make time for blogging!  
So add a LOVEHAIR course to your ‘ to do’ list and wish me luck! with mine

Peace, Love and Awesome Hair

Jo xx

Awesome image by Studio1208


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