6 reasons why joining our community could be the making of your career


am a strong believer that in order to be a great business person you must surround yourself with other people to make up your ladder of success. This includes someone above you, that has been on your journey and nailed it, she inspires you or mentors you

Someone on the same level as you that you can share the journey with, bounce ideas around and call with a ‘holy shit, what a day!’ now and again. Someone on the rung below who looks up to you, that you inspire or mentor.

And that’s exactly why the Lovehair Tribe network works, because we have all of those people on various rungs of their ladder, helping each other to get to the top.

1. You are not alone

One of the biggest things people miss when they go self employed is the staff room banter, the Christmas parties and working in a team. Just being able to ‘ask’ someone, is so reassuring.

A problem shared is a problem halved, so imagine sharing that with 130 stylists who understand and support you. We are also your back up so if you get sick, or cant work, someone is always there to step in.

See our videos for more info or check out our Lovehair Tribe page >

Hit play 👆 to hear what the Lovehair Tribe is all about. 

2. You can collaborate

One of the over riding feelings of being self employed is that you just can’t do it all, but being part of our community means you can!

You can buddy up to create AMAZING photoshoots – share ideas, planning, and split the costs of photographers + models.

You can say yes to those larger bookings and take a Lovehair Tribe assistant with you, you already know they will have the same work ethos as you.

You can work in a team at festivals, catwalk shows and corporate events, the tribe have already done all of these things together.

3. You will grow in confidence

When you surround yourself with people who understand, it’s easier to be yourself.

Our ethos is 100% non judgemental, there is no silly question. This gives you the freedom to ask for help and let you help others, giving you confidence. (See ladder theory above 👆)

Check out our infamous hashtag on instagram to see for yourself:

See feed> #lovehairtribemember


Our Lovehair Tribe gang, doing awesome things:

Check out Cimone Guggiari and Kerry Regan having fun on a recent collaboration. A whole load of pink and glitter 💗

4. You will make real friends, for life. Promise!

The tribe grew organically from that feeling you get when you compete a course with someone who gets it. The laughs, the similarities, the instant camaraderie, That instant feeling of friendship and all the warm fuzzies that we just wanted to continue way after the course finishes.

After a day course we’ve had people become bezzies, book holidays, move in together, share childcare, plan business’ and talk of ‘tribe tattoos’ whilst I don’t condone that, I do appreciate the level of commitment to new friends!

5. You can build your business

In fact, you WILL grow your business. The Tribe have been sharing and passing on jobs for years.

With 130 stylists and only 52 Saturdays in a year you can be sure you will pick up some extra work.

Plus recommendations, job shares, photo shoots and events where you can work with other Tribe members. 

Oh and not least because of your interactions with other stylists letting those algorithms know how important you are!

6. You will be motivated to do better.

Sharing ideas is the same as writing it down, it makes it real and you feel accountable. In the tribe, you are surrounded by positive, inspiring stylists and make up artists, who are willing you to do well. You can see how far they’ve come and you know it’s achievable.

Weather you are motivated by money, time or success, you will be inspiring others who look up to you and may have just started their journey.

What’s more motivating than that? You’ve gotta OWN it.

All that and it’s just WAY MORE fun having someone with you to share the ride! Take a look at our testimonial page to find out more about how the Lovehair Tribe has made a difference to our members. To become a member of our closed facebook you need to have participated in one of our courses – ready to take the leap? Check out what’s coming up here >

Peace, Love & Awesome Hair

Jo xx

Jennifer Oddy - Freedom hair & make up
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Where to start, I was drawn to Joloveshair ‘dream big’ course from the moment I found her page on instagram. The reason behind me choosing became clear instantly when arriving at the location. It was quirky, arty and totally blissful. I was instantly at ease when I was greeted by jo. She has a way of explaining and breaking down styles that makes it so easy to follow. I found that just being in Jo’s presence gave me inspiration. It was very intimate with only 5 of the most kind hearted ladies I’ve ever met taking the course with jo which made it perfect to learn and follow easily and it had that one on one intuition feeling.I entered the course not knowing where or what step I wanted to take next but jo helped me to see what it was that I wanted and gave me the confidence to do it. Thank you Jo you are truly a superstar!

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