The Ponytail is Back

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fter styling my daughters hair in a thick ponytail for her prom last month, I’ve been inundated with requests for pony tails – Full, straight, curled and plaited.

I’ve had messages from hair stylists saying the same and that they’ve been given Georgia’s photo as Inspo by their clients. LOVE THAT! The power of Instagram.. So that’s it. It’s Official. It’s back for the summer!

Georgias hair is quite long but as she wanted the ponytail high, I added a cheeky extension in the middle to give extra length through the ends. I think she looks beaut, but she’s mine so I’m allowed to say that!

I used IGK to create airy texture and help keep those loose waves in without overloading with product. Check it out below, seriously, if you buy one new product this summer, make it this ONE!

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Achieve the perfect Ponytail

…I wang on about this stuff all the time on my insta stories, but I promise you it’s a game changer! Every time I went to the US I would literally buy 6-8 cans at a time, so imagine my utter joy when my faves at Space NK started selling it online and on the high street.

Don’t be fooled by its playful packaging, that’s just a bonus. This stuff is SERIOUSLY good. My go to product for volume, lasting curls, matte finishes and cool girl styling. The fact that it looks ace on your intsa and in your bathroom is no where near the best bit!

I’ve used IGK ‘Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray’ on all the looks shown below – BUY IT HERE >


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