We Love Boho Brides, Festival Chic and Beach Style Wedding Hair

Many brides are ask us for Boho Wedding Hair, Every ones interpretation of Boho wedding hair seems to be different – Sometimes it just needs to have a floral hair accessory  a floral circlet or fresh flowers incorporated in the hair somewhere to get it into the Boho wedding hair bracket.

I personally love these more relaxed Boho looks whether they are Boho or not. It’s the whole idea that you could actually go to Coachella or some equally cool festival with these hair styles and fit right in, yet they still hit the spot for super cool and chic on your wedding day,. They’re relaxed, sexy and unstructured but never messy.

Loose waves, plaits, hair half up or voluminous curls are all popular choices for wanna be Boho brides. Have a chat to our team for inspiration on how to create the perfect Boho bridal hair for you and your bridesmaids.

Perfect looks for a beach style or more relaxed garden wedding too!


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