Floral Headbands

The hair accessory of the summer  has to be the floral head band. Vintage and retro styling is still a very big trend for brides in the UK but there has definitely been a shift towards floral designs. It can be vintage but more relaxed with an outdoorsy feel, it’s also an easy way to colour coordinate with your bridesmaids.

A rise in destination weddings as well as the ‘ Back yard’ wedding trend sees flowers  fast becoming the hair accessory of choice for both brides and bridesmaids. Celebrities are loving them too, Catherine Middletonchose pretty halo’s made with fresh flowers for her flower girls and more recently Lily Allen chose floral side headbands for her bridesmaids at her chic country wedding and just this week Kate Moss had floral halo’s for each of her 15 flowergirls turning them into gorgeous little flower faeries.

Choose your flower carefully to enhance the look of your dress or theme. Faux flower accessories are all over the high street at the moment, but some may be a little too casual for your wedding day. If your look is more sophisticated keep it simple wearing beautiful cream or white flowers  with either diamante or pearl centres to bring out the details on your dress I would recommend flowers instead of anything sparkly to brides that have dresses with more of an evening look, flowers will instantly tone down the glamour for a day look. You can always swap them for a glitzy broach in the evening , flowers also add softness to a more structured up do.

Fresh flowers are a beautiful way to coordinate with your bouquet, chat to your florist to help you find suitable varieties as some don’t last too long out of water.   Anything is possible from large statement  flowers with clips and Alice bands covered in bursts of floral colour to simple daisy chains or halos and vines adorned with flowers in every colour imaginable.

With every penny counting more than ever for trend savvy brides these floral headbands are better value for money as they can be worn long after your big day. Wear them to weddings, festivals, BBQ’s, wherever you where them this summer they are sure to brighten up your day!

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