A ‘Thank you’ From A Happy Bride

I spend a lot of time interviewing and choosing our stylists. It’s important to me that they are as passionate about their work as I am, this doesn’t just mean that they are great at styling hair, that just the start. Styling hair for brides is very different to hairdressing ins a salon, you need  many different qualities to offer the best possible service.

Flexibility- sometimes you need to take control, other times you need to take a step back, you need to be patient and calm. As part of someone big day it’s important to listen, interpret the situation, stick to a schedule and ensure everyone else sticks to theirs  as well as boosting the mood when feelings are low.

We wear many caps on the day of the wedding so finding the ‘perfect’ stylist, one that I’m confident will do all of these things to the best of her or his ability is difficult. But not impossible.

 I got this email the other day and I wanted to share it with you. I must say a feel a little like a proud mum!! 



”Hi Jo,

 I have just yesterday only returned from my honeymoon hence the slight delay in getting this email sent!

I booked Simone through you for my wedding a few weeks ago, I told Simone before she left but felt I had to write and tell you that not only did Simone create hairstyles for the Bridesmaids that were commented on by many of my guests as “stunning” and for me, an elegant and down style that was just me, and just what I was looking for, however I also truly feel that Simone wasn’t just the hairdresser, she came so early on the day as she knew I was a bit nervous about traffic as it was the British Golf Open only a couple of miles away and just became a friend and settled in immediately, helping me with family that were arriving, taking pics, offering advice, even taking 5 mins to spruce my Nans hair up as she is no longer able to manage it herself, and charged me no more. The only heatbreaker was the weather which unfotunately made mne fall out fairly quick as I got wet walking to the marquee, but it just wasnt an issue! The bridesmaids held right to the end of the night!

 Simone – you are a true professional who just understands how emotions run high and things go wrong and you just fit in perfectly as well as went above and beyond and delivered fantastic results, I thank you Simone so much for everything on the morning of my wedding, you truly were outstanding and I honestly don’t think it would have run so smoothly or been such the giggle it was without you!

 Jo – an excellent company with faultless customer service throughout, from rescuing me at the start by responding to my plee for help instantly, to introducing me to Simone, a really useful and comforting hair trial and perfect styles on the day. I will recommend your company to anyone that asks or anywhere I can ”


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