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Three years ago my family and I went on a luxury break that quite frankly changed our lives…

My youngest son has suffered from Asthma from a young age which we coped with, it gets worse in extreme changes in weather and temperature  but at the age of just 18 months he had a feberal convulsion – well 4 feberal convulsions actually, and they rocked our little world.

 My husband and I are the same age bar 4 weeks so planned to take our 2 children away for our joint 30th’s . We were going to go on a ‘Team Irving’ adventure to Thailand for 3 weeks.  We had our children fairly young  and got married at the grand old age of 25 so felt this was something to celebrate with them. It was going to be epic !

Then Teddy had his fit, he stopped breathing for nearly 2 minutes (my whole life!) and lay floppy with his eyes open in my arms. You can imagine what we thought. He was fine, thank fully it looks a hell of a lot worse than it is but that night I made my journey to being the most paranoid over protective mum on the planet and as we sat in the hospital we promised each other we wouldn’t take them to Thailand. Not any time soon anyway. We spent many a night in the hospital after that one.

Many months later when it came to deciding what we were going to do, something for them that they would love and after many hours searching the internet and watching ‘Echo Beach’ We decided to book a uber cool luxury break to Cornwall of all places.  And so the transformation of our family begins…

Within a day of being there we knew it was going to be an amazing holiday.

Georgia and Teddy played in the sand, rock pools and beaches and  body boarded in the surf with enthusiasm that I have never seen in them before.  The English weather did not deterre us, we had BBQ’s on the beach in the rain, sipping champagne with the kids in their wellies not caring if it rained or shined! Ted’s asthma disappeared, his manner changed completely, I relaxed, Craig smiled, joked and laughed and little G threw herself into the waves and kept telling us how happy she was.

Cornwall is our happy place. It is a all encompassing happy feeling in my belly and my heart  that makes me smile from ear to ear.

3 years on and we are all surfing, Campervan obsessed Cornwall wannabe’s. We have been back  over 10 times since for my work or with friends and family who just have to see what all the fuss is about…

What’s not to love? Beaches, Surfing, Pasties, Ice creams, Crabbing, Campervan spotting but most of all serious quality time with my quality family.

So why am I telling you this? Because next summer I am lucky enough to be relocating to my ‘happy place’ for the whole summer holidays !! My little dudes and I are Cornwall bound renting a house near the beach, where we will do our thing. At the weekends however, I am taking bookings for weddings in Cornwall. So if you are a London Bride getting married in Cornwall then I’d love to hear from you.

PLUS All London brides getting married in Cornwall get a free trial (usually £65) in Surrey.

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