2015 – Thank you.You’ve Been A Blast, But 2016, We’re Ready For Ya!

Time for my last post of 2015!! Wow! What a year! So many people have been telling me that 2015 has been ‘their year’, I LOVE hearing this! Lots of my friends (and students) run their own businesses and it seems that this last year has been the one that has pushed them forward (pushed them hard!) and brought them success. Lovehair (et moi!) has grown massively this year and bought me so much joy and success that I really can’t ignore it as a ‘game changer’.for me.  I will learn from mistakes and take so much from the amazing opportunities I’ve had. Maybe it’s in our stars, maybe it’s finally the end of the recession or maybe, just maybe.. it’s that working your butt off, staying genuine and allowing yourself to grow with confidence pays off!! I am drawn to the latter.

My words of wisdom? Grow your mind, your confidence, your skills, your TRIBE, your business… ‘ If you build it , they will come’ ‘ Feel the force’ Yes, yes.. I have watched a fair bit of TV over the Christmas holidays… But I believe it!!! These things don’t happen by chance, but I promise you, if you do a job you love, not necessarily hair. Any kind of job that you love, you can make it into a success. YOU have the potential to be a success if you want to be. Haven’t found your ‘thang’ yet? Take some courses (ahem..) Learn a new skill (I’m currently learning to longboard!) get off Facebook, look for positives and be brave.  I dare ya!

Ok to finish and without sounding too naff, (Like I haven’t already done that!) I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! To all my brides and students that I have been lucky enough to work with this year. I’ve had so much fun! 2016 is already 50% booked and loooaaddss of them are recommendations from past brides. That brings so much JOY to my heart!!

I am also overwhelmed with happiness and pride for my students! I’ve been getting texts, letters and emails telling me of their adventures and how much my course has helped them. So high fives gang!!! 

So, more of the same in 2016 please!! It’s already looking like a cracker. We are taking our little guys on an adventure to Thailand this year/next year? 2016 anyway, so any tips would be greatly appreciated ;)(Intrepid Explorers, we are not!!! eeek! ) A little good health would be great and perhaps some sunshine if you’re asking?

But, I am sooooo excited for you! All those just about to start my course, or those that took one last year and are starting your businesses. I wish you all the luck in the world. Not that you need it! Stay in touch, don’t forget the basics, DREAM BIG  and remember: It’s nice to be nice.

Peace, Love & Always Awesome Hair

Jo xx

Thanks to my lovely friend Jo Hughes for the photos www.captivephotgraphy.co.uk and to  Lovehair’s very own ‘A team’ stylist Amanda xxx

Model Lauren Morris


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