Are You A Cool Bride Looking For Wedding Hair & Make Up?

I have found that over the years I seem to have attracted the kind of brides that like my style and luckily, who’s style I like .. Or you could say ‘My VIBE attracted my TRIBE’ (Cannot take any credit for that – Totally stolen from IG!)

When you have a trial, you are not only working out what your hair can do, but working out if you are a ‘fit’ with your stylist. Is it all a bit complicated and long winded or does she ‘get’ you!? Do you ‘get’ them? Trust them?, Like their style?. .So hard to say over email or social media so I thought I’d make this easier by letting you know more about ‘my style’ to help you make a more informed decision.

I didn’t have a hair trial, I remember meeting my stylist for the first time on my wedding day and I knew she wasn’t right for me. Her hair, the way she spoke to me, her kit. (It’s OK to judge in this instance) I knew she would spend an hour doing it and I would spend an hour freaking out and redoing it. Ain’t nobody got time for that!  I politely declined.

But luckily for me, I can do my own hair.. How about you?

You may have read some of my earlier posts, and may have already made up a picture of me, but as with many things, I often find that what you see online isn’t always what you get. Quite frankly, it depends what kind of week I am having!

So here’s a bit more about me, my style and how I would work with you if you were my bride:

  • I am a stickler for professionalism – Can’t bear bad manners and unprofessional ‘professionals’!!
  • I love a bit of virtual hand holding, I 100% feel  that part of my role in your wedding is to ensure that you feel completely relaxed, confident and excited about our ‘beauty’ journey together , BUT I am not slushy, patronising, sweet or ‘biggest day of your life’ cute.
  • It’s going to be one hell of a party, you are going to look AMAZING, FEEL amazing, marry your best friend and be surrounded by your bests but I probably won’t constantly refer to you wedding as ‘The biggest day of your life’. Wait ‘til you have kids!  – I will most probably cry with happiness for you though and I usually do.
  •  I am very calm. I am aware of the feel for the day. I like a laugh but I also know when to shhhhhh…
  • I actually love a diva bride, In fact I actively encourage it. It’s your wedding day – Go for it! Of course you must get what you want and I will do my absolute best to ensure that you #NAILIT!! I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if you didn’t.  BUT pleeeease be realistic and please don’t be rude. (Remember the things I can’t bear!?) Nothing beautiful about rude.
  • I would love to be able to help you at every step but sometimes I can’t. My job takes up a lot of time, and not just in the summer. It’s normal for me to work on 3 or  4 weddings  a week and they take me all over the country and abroad.
  •  I want all you lovely brides to feel cherished and looked after (because you are!) So I will always spend time responding to emails as soon as humanly possible and chatting through any questions as well as meeting you at your trial – BUT if you feel you may need more phone calls, emails and trials than this, it may be that you need someone who is less busy and can offer you more time.  I don’t want you to feel unloved!  
  • Don’t get me wrong – It’s important.  YOU are important, but that’s a pretty BIG Bride : Jo RATIO!!  
  • I will give you 110% at your trial. I am all yours. There is no rush or pressure,  I genuinely want you to be happy with your hair & make up and will do all I can to make it so!  
  •  It’s tricky for me to do trials on the weekends as I am fully booked with weddings. If it has to be a weekend, you may need to find someone who is less busy and can offer you that. Sorry!
  • I will always encourage you to choose sexy over cute. To do what makes your heart sing, not what you know your Nan will be more comfortable with (Although, gotta say Respect to the Nans.  I LOVE the Nans!!!)
  •  We’re not talking ‘whacky’ here, just you. The individual you that he/she chose to marry.  Why choose pretty when you can choose BEAUTIFUL and STUNNING.  Pretty is for bridesmaids, go  for cool, chic and damn right awesome, just like you.
  • I feel -It’s not just a ‘hair up’ or a ‘make up’. It’s your wedding day. It’s a big deal..You have a long time to look at these photos, we want to make this guy’s  heart skip when he sees you and for you to feel like your ‘Best’ you – Confident, happy and beautiful .
  • I promise I will tell you when ‘it’s not working and we need to try something else’.
  • I promise I will never be offended when you say that to me..
  • I like pretty but I love quirky/ cool stuff, maybe not in a cool Shoreditch kinda way..In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to Shoreditch!? So I’m obviously not that cool! I’m more of an outdoorsy beach lover.
  • My style? I love pretty dresses but with my Chloe boots or much loved trainers instead of heels. I wear sequins A LOT but with busted jeans or grey marl rather than dresses. And I LOVE heels, but with worn vintage denim or a jumpsuit rather than skirts. Know what I mean?Sometimes I curl, plait and coiffure my hair. Some days it’s lucky if it sees a brush!
  • I LOVE boho…I’m not quite long skirts and floral patterns. More of a Sienna Miller/Fearn  Cotton urban boho.  I love a plaity look and an unstructured do, but I also appreciate the more chic, sophisticated looks and any kinda waves.
  • I love pushing boundries and I love keeping things simple too

So, what particular hair or make up style brings joy to my heart? The one that really works for my bride!  We’ll know we’ve found it when you are beaming from ear to ear and suddenly can’t wait to get hitched!

That’s the money shot!  That’s when it gets EXCITING!!!!

And I genuinely get super excited…’cause I know what’s coming and I can’t wait either!

So. What d’ya think? Are we a good fit!? I really hope I haven’t put you off!

Peace love and cool brides

Jo xx

PS: Want to see some of my more individual work? I’ve started hashtagging them #LOVEHAIRBRIDESCHOOSECOOL (What else!?) check it out on Instagram 🙂



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