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Good morning!!!

So, it’s been a while since my last blog post..Forgive me but I have been rather pre occupied with well, life actually!! Writing a blog post is not easy and for me. Personally, it only ever works when it flows. Like, when i’ve got something real to say rather than:

.”I did some hair at a wedding and it looked liked this ‘Insert photo’ and I used this product ‘Insert link’ ‘cause it smells lush and does what it says on the tin”

I find posts like that really boring, both to read and write so I tend to avoid them. I feel you lot deserve more than that and most of you are stylists so you know all that stuff anyway!! 

But I have actually been doing some really exciting things, which means no time for boring blog posts (All about the balance y’know!?) …Lots of flights and weddings all over the UK, A wonderful yoga trip to Ibiza, a mentor meeting at Burberry, some surfing and a rather special visit from a very special lady. Nope, not the Queen although may as well have been..It was ‘Hair & Make Up By Steph’, if you don’t know her name, you will know her photos or perhaps you are living in a box, a cardboard box? Anyway…I will tell you all about those things shortly. They are currently cued up in my ‘Blog posts’ list in my iPhone notes!

As you may know, I LOVE teaching hair. I feel like i’ve found my thing. To me, it’s not just about the skills my students are learning but their ‘High five’ moment, when they nail something that they thought was SO complicated. A style that they have coveted on Pinterest and then, just like that they can do it too..sometimes it’s embarrassingly easy. Like, where’s the hidden trick!?

I like to break things down into super simple steps so that stylists can literally make it their own and create their own styles in a pick and mix kind of way.

Or look at a hair photo on Pinterest and go ‘ Oh yeahhhhhhh, I know how they did that now!’ Or even better..”I can do THAT!!!’

But, we also talk a lot about confidence and managing businesses especially when you have a family and friends, that you’d probably quite like to see now and again. I feel there’s no point having skills and earning money if you have no life. Yeah, it’s great to have a thriving business, but there’s really no point if it’s at the expense of your social life. I have learnt this from working my ass off for the last 20 years and have never been happier than I am right now. Because that’s the real skill..If you can nail the balance then you’ve made it!

It can get quite emosh when you’re unlocking the potential, but stylist ALWAYS leave excited, inspired and ready.

So, over the last few months I have been working on a new training area to the website , where you can see what we’ve been up to and hear more about the courses on offer. (ITS IMMINENT!!! hold tight gang!!)

But firstly, I wanted to get some feedback from past students to check I was on the right track, see where I could do better and what the general concensous was, and what I got back..BLEW ME AWAY!!!

I am so HAPPY that what I am doing is making a difference and my students are feeling the love

I’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to read the comments below.

On a side note: I recently went on a social media course with Hayley Southwood and found her tips for feedback really helpful, so I did the same – I didn’t really ask questions, just gave them things to think about when giving their view. So if answers have a similar vibe, that’s why.

So proud of this one..Confidence and skills have sky rocketed. Major *HIGH FIVE* moment when she left and one I will always remember..

I absolutely loved Jo’s hair course and would recommend it, unreservedly, to everyone. I learnt masses in only four days and as a result of this course, my confidence in hair has grown so much. Jo is flexible, patient and creates a warm, happy learning environment. After each training session, I left feeling excited and inspired and looking forward to honing my new skills. It is some of the best money I have ever spent and attending the course with Jo has made me look at my pricing and valuing my time more!!

– Arabella 

Make up artist extraordinaire, business women and bad ass mum of 3, Sam!

I mostly enjoyed doing a course and not being judged in wanting to refresh my skills. I trained many moons ago but love to learn and find some environments a bit stuffy. Jo’s course is far from that, it was in her home and with likeminded people where I wasn’t afraid to say ‘I don’t know how to do that’. We all encouraged each other and I came away having learnt some new skills but also a confidence to explore on my own and realise no one knows everything!

– Sam 

Next up was some Questions for Nikki, a mumboss that will always give 100%. Her feedback made me cry!

Think about what aspects of the course you enjoyed most –

 How helpful you were as the teacher, willing to pass on as much knowledge as possible to see your student excel, not only in hair but in all areas of life! I felt I could ask you anything and you would understand and not make me feel stupid!

How did you feel afterwards – 

Inspired, confident, energised and content. I had a clear direction of where I wanted to go from the course

Has attending the course changed the way you work or your business? If so, in what way?- 

Not that Ive actually done them yet, but it made my mind full of plans and ideas! And cemented in my ind that the way I wanted to approach my business is the right way.

Would you recommend the course? – 

Hell yes! I want to recommend it to friends of mine , not that they are stylists, just for the coolness of the course and for how much you get out of it.

Did you like to surroundings – 

Yes, its easy to get to even tho it seems miles away from me. Your kitchen rocks as does your little studio and your family are all so welcoming at strangers coming in on their Sundays!

Is there anything that you feel I should do differently – 

Everything’s perfect, although I wished I’d asked you if I could use a live model for some of the updos as it gives more of a challenge than the dolly heads!

Did you leave feeling more confident about bridal hair/ your business ? –

Yes! As well as hugely inspired!

Did you leave with any tips/ advice that you do/could implement in your own business? –

How to plan, importance of social media, how to price to name a few

Did you think it was worth what you paid?


Just to say, I loved my courses I did with you, you’ve done everything right. They are professional but relaxed, and the quality is never compromised. I expected to come away with a few new styles up my sleeve, but instead left with direction, confidence and buckets of inspiration! In a competitive industry, its so refreshing to experience how much you want to share knowledge and help stylists with their new business’s……I can see how and why Lovehair Tribe was born! 

– Nikki 

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Next up..Lovely Lynda!!

Think about what aspects of the course you enjoyed most

    Learning new techniques that actually made styling hair easier for me. 

How did you feel afterwards

    Excited and Eager, I couldn’t wait to put everything I had learned into practice, I felt a new confidence in myself.

Has attending the course changed the way you work or your business? If so, in what way?

    You gave me some valuable tips with regard to organising and structuring my working life and family life which is really working.

Would you recommend the course?

    Without hesitation,  The course is invaluable, from learning amazing hair techniques, to great business advice.

Did you like to surroundings?

    Yes, very comfortable and inviting 

Did you feel comfortable?

    Extremely, I felt like I had know you forever, I felt like we had a lot in common, (maybe it’s the creativity side in us)

Did you leave feeling more confident about bridal hair/ your business ?

    Definitely, I feel a lot more comfortable with the new techniques, and know what I need to do to increase my business.

Did you leave with any tips/ advice that you do/could implement in your own business?

    Definitely, especially tips regarding social media

Did you think it was worth what you paid?


– Lynda.

Now Terri – I have met his lovely girl a few times and she is an absolute babe..Her business and confidence has grown 10 fold since I first met her. i always love hearing about what she’s doing next..She is real life ‘mumboss’ GOALS!!

My first course was about 5 years ago when I was just starting out in Bridal Hair. That first course helped me in so many ways. No only did it show me the basics that are so essential, it gave me so much confidence – or should I say Jo gave me so much confidence. I came away with some great styles under my belt and lots of tips and tricks. 

I have now been on a few courses with Lovehair and have loved them all and always come away wanting more! I think what I love is that whatever the type of course, Jo always makes it tailored to me and almost grows the courses to grow with me. I have now even attended courses with Jo giving business advice. 

All the styles Jo teaches are so up-to-date. I always find it a wonderful coincidence that after learning new styles on one of her courses, they are the exact ones that start to become on trend and everyone asks for them, and so how proud am I that I know exactly how to master them! Thanks Jo! 

I would recommend all of Jo’s courses. They are so worth the cost and the surroundings are great and i’m always kept topped up with tea!! I have attended courses on my own and in groups and have enjoyed them all. I have actually met some great people on the group courses and have since worked with one of the girls on a Wedding together. I’m really looking forward to us all getting together for a catch up, set up by Jo, which also enables us to chat about our work and give each other tips and ideas. 

Jo is a fab trainer/mentor, and there is so much more to just attending a course – the support doesn’t stop there. 


Gorgeous Kirsty – Check her out on Instagram!!

I was a complete beginner when I did a 3 day bespoke course with Jo. Having already trained as a make up artist, I wanted to be able to add bridal hair to my skills.  I was initially attracted to the course as it was cool and creative, offering a different approach to bridal styling.  And Jo definitely is that- she is also very talented, calm, and full of ideas.  I felt totally inspired from my time with her – learning the basics, through to some more complicated styles!  I left feeling raring to go, and couldn’t wait to do hair for my own business!

I have also since linked up with one of her other students, as we share the same love and approach to bridal hair.  Which has enabled us to cater for larger bridal parties.  Lovehair courses definitely attracts some great, likeminded stylists!!

I totally recommend if you’re thinking of changing career, or want to update your skills- great course, great teacher😊’

Kirsty, Live Life Beautiful – Hair & make up 


And last but not least Sam:

Hi Jo,

I really enjoyed my Bespoke 2 day Course, I thought the step by step learning whilst taking notes/photos was fantastic as we covered so much in the 2 days! 

I felt confident after leaving the course that I could use the skills I learnt to build up my business. I would certainly recommend this course to others and would be interested in attending further courses with you in the future.

The surroundings we’re great and I felt comfortable to chat and express my ideas and thoughts. Booking the course was a bit tricky for me as I have 2 little ones to find childcare for but you we’re fantastic in giving me dates and times I needed to suit me lots of emails going back and forth but you we’re so helpful thank you so much Jo! I can’t wait for 2016 weddings. I’ve started taking bookings already and I’m so excited to work with my Brides on their big day!  🙂 

– Samantha Bilham

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to email me their feedback. I love our Lovehair Tribe – Thank YOU for making it a lovely place to be!!

PS: Remember a while ago, I told you about making a list of all the good stuff you have achieved and all the positive stuff people say about you? Well. this is going in my book!!! Thank YOUUUUUU xx

New course dates will be up on the website by next week..Keep an eye out for updates and videos!

Love, Peace And Always Awesome Hair

Jo xx


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