Celebrating the Lovehair Tribe

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The Lovehair Tribe is our own girl gang and a stylist support network for the hard working, bad ass, self employed stylists that have completed a course with us. They are all at different stages of their careers, some are well established & successful business owners, others are just starting their journey in the hair industry and some are spreading their wings.

At Lovehair,  the course is just the start.

In most cases the element stylists are missing in their hair up is CONFIDENCE. We fix that by giving you the knowledge and skills you need, but it’s the nurturing & supportive group that you become part of, that ensures you stay confident & inspired long after the course finishes.

I can’t put into words the effect this has had on our past students. Every time I see one of my students post on social media, I see 10-20 more like, comment and share to show their support. Imagine that. Women supporting & encouraging each other in what can be a competitive industry. Comrads not competitors, allowing them to be proud of heir work and move forward.

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Supporting hair stylists and making your hair business grow

The Lovehair Tribe started organically from that buzz you get from meeting new people that ‘get’ you, that have the same dreams and ambitions and feel like old friends. It was an easy step to create a group where they could chat and ask questions post training, but what happened from there wasn’t planned and it’s grown into something wonderful..

Being a self employed stylist can be lonely, it’s not easy and sometimes you question if you’re doing the right thing. Especially when juggling a young family too. I’ve seen so many genuine friendships blossom, our stylists working together to help each others business’ grow, support & encourage each other to do more. No judgement or competition, just hardworking stylists that want it just as much as you do.

Hairdressing is one of the most flexible, lucrative and creative professions for anyone, but for working mums with passion for creativity it’s the BEST! However, it’s not about being a mum, its about being empowered in a job you love, the freedom to choose where and when you work and knowing other badass working women have your back to share your story with.

We are supporting and helping each other grow in confidence & in turn their business and it feels fantastic. Sharing is caring, and what an amazing time to be a women working in this awesome industry! This is what the #LOVEHAIRTRIBE is all about.. 

So, as National Girl Gang support day was coming up (yup, that’s a thing!) I wanted to celebrate what these women had achieved and who they are!

They’d taken a moment out of their lives and decided they wanted to better themselves, they had actively made a decision to improve or add to their skills, start a new business or grow their current hair business and they had taken steps to do that. With me – I am so flattered and grateful for that.

And it’s not easy. I’ve done it! There are days when you wonder what the hell you are doing, days you are too exhausted to get undressed before you get into bed, when the mum guilt is too much, when others don’t see the potential you do and you question yourself and your abilities.  But then there are also days where you are SO excited you just want to tell someone who will get excited with you!!! To give you a high five and a pat on the back, because they know how much it means. I know how hard these babes work and I want to celebrate their success’

I have also worked with them all individually, so I know there are struggles. Who’s a determined single mum, who’s got 4 children, who’s still working full time or lacking in confidence. Life ain’t easy and I wanted them to know that I think there freaking AWESOME!! That I am so proud of them, and they should be too. Because, they have all this stuff going on, plus they are striving to be better EVERY DAMN DAY..But as soon as someone has an issue, they are there giving them a helping hand. I love that.

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So, the celebration..? I chatted to Jo and we felt the most apt thing for us to do, was get them to enjoy a few benefits of being ‘Brides’ themselves for the day!   ‘Cause that’s A LOT of fun, right? All the glamour without the responsibility! Woop to that! 

We wanted them to feel amazing! So how did we do that!? 

By gathering in a beautiful venue, opening presents, donning Squad T shirts, drinking prosseco, applying professional hair & make up (by each other, obviously! ) A big ol’ delicious lunch (plus brownies to die for!!) and then strutting around with HUGE balloons in beautiful designer dresses. 

So that’s what we did. Then we photographed and videoed the whole lot to share with you all.

It’s one of the most satisfying, beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure to create. I wanted it to be about them, for them. And it is. I hope you enjoy it.

There is a huge amount of inspiration, product knowledge, skills & creativity in our Lovehair courses. But they are also filled with laughter, support, confidence & new friends – All the things that make our hair courses so special!

Ge in touch to find out more!

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HUGE, GIANT, ENORMOUS  thanks to the suppliers that made this work and supported my vision:

Jo Hughes, Captive Photography

For this, it could be no other photographer than my wonderful friend; Jo Hughes of Captive photography. 

I always think I’ve got a great, creative ‘idea’ until I hear hers. I’ve worked with Jo so many times, over my 11 years that she feels like a big part of the Lovehair story. 

Jo was a massive part of putting this shoot together from the start and I couldn’t (and wouldn’t ) of done it without her. She listened to my ideas and made them better.  Arranging the venue, lunches, timings and props without breaking a sweat. She also managed to squeeze in a bridal photo shoot at the same time. ( Wonder Woman! )

We met through work years ago when our bubba’s and our business’ were tiny, and have grown together in all the ways over the years. 

I love her work and her way, she has a creative eye and a kind soul. Perfect for making my tribe feel at ease and relaxed all day.

Jo does all my lifestyle shots for me, as she makes me feel chilled and I barely know she’s there. I always feel awks getting my photos done so we mood board, then chat and before I know it she’s taken a ton of amazing photos. 

She’s also absolutely fantastic for the all important business headshot (with a difference) and cool corporate stuff. 

Proud to have her as our own – Jo is also running workshops with The Lovehair Tribe and helping them update their profile images & galleries too.

Chris Brown – www.sharpfilms.co.uk

Our ‘man with the cam’; Chris, was massively outnumbered that day as the only guy there, but he took it on the chin and did a fantastic job. Based in Devon, which could explain his cool way and permanent smile, Chris is a fantastic videographer who I love working with as he gets my ‘awkward ways’ (I hate talking to the camera too!!!! ) But he even managed to get these girls to chat on camera and thats saying something!  I use him all the time for work & lifestyle shots and thoroughly recommend him. Although only when I’ve not booked him, yeah !? (Check out his website for all the cool, edgy stuff) 

Ashleigh – www.ashvideography.com

Ashleigh was ace on the day, she’s quiet, lovely and such a pleasure to work with. She blended in so well that she was able to get some amazing ‘undercover’ footage of everyone doing their thing naturally. Which was just beautiful. I love her shots of Jo working, I think it really shows her character!

She is quickly becoming the go to girl for ‘non corporate’ corporate videos to show off your business and awesome little one minuter’s for social media use. Get in touch before she gets booked up!

Kelly at The Secret Dress House www.secretdresshouse.co.uk

Well, where do I start. Considering there are nearly 60 Lovehair Tribe members and we started off with over 25 yes’s, never in a million years did I expect anyone to offer us wedding dresses. Let alone designer wedding dresses, that were current and ridiculously beautiful. But this one did.

Up steps the wonderful Kelly from The Secret Dress House, she is a breath of fresh air and so good at what she does. Her taste is impeccable and the dress range she has is a dream, but to top it off she’s so easy and lovely to work with.

Both of us were keen for our faux ‘brides’ to feel amazing, like winners. No, it wasn’t their actual wedding day and they would look beautiful in these dresses regardless, but we wanted them to FEEL awesome!! Like, when you know ‘you’ve got it going on’, and just walk with a bit more sass..yeah that.

And she nailed it! The patience of a saint, you’d be very lucky to get your dress from this chick. I love her.

All of our tribe works hard and juggles life but one stand out for me. She works full time, has children with disabilities, and also works tirelessly to raise money for charity, any which way (usually running, crazy thing!) She is so positive & determined. 

I wanted her to wear the cape, because to me she is a hero. 

Kelly made that happen, she set up a bridal studio at the venue and works continuously to ensure she had time for everyone an that they felt good.. Thank you SO much Kelly, this wouldn’t have been what it is without you. Everyone just looked so beautiful  xxx

Smallfield Place, Horley

We were lucky enough to have full run of this amazing venue. Run by the wonderful Holly who was so helpful all day. 

Jo works here often and arranged for us to have it for the day, which was incredibly kind of them as what a venue it is!

This Jacobean House is something out of fairy tale with its quirky lay out and beautifully manicured gardens. It’s a huge house and easy to get lost but everything was so perfectly laid out it felt like home, so personal.

Especially our big ‘tribe dinner’ I could of sat there, in that room all day.

It was perfect for us. Thanks Holly for your kind hospitality xx

Huge thanks also to sisters Claire and Naomi for providing the catering. Delicious fritatas, salads and breads followed by Home made chocolate brownies that we are ALL still talking about. In fact, I bought ingredients for that darn frittata today, but I know already it wont be the same. Everything was perfect. Thank you!!!

Also thanks to Caroline for assisting Jo all day and generally being super cool. 



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