Bristle Brush x Lovehair Tribe at Gerrards Fashion

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very 3 months, the Tribe gets together to catch up on what’s been going on, chat shop and drink fizz – a bit like staff room banter without the lack of alcohol! We always try and focus on one thing, whether it be social media, website building or general confidence boosting.

As the tribe has grown over the years, so our venues have changed to fit us in. We started in a little pub in Reigate, then moved onto my house, a restaurant in Clapham – (Followed by a nightclub, but that’s another story!) and this time, after sending the invite out and realising there were 30 coming to the meet up, we were hosted by my gorgeous friends – Nancy and Paul in their boutique ‘Gerrards’ in Reigate.

Lovely Vibes

The venue was actually perfect as we had loads of room and it’s got such an lovely vibe, it felt really welcoming and not at all shop like.

My daughter; G was there to serve Fizz, the lovely Jo Hughes from Captive photography came down to take photos and the highlight of the evening was that the girls from The Bristle Brush Company came to join us– My lovely friend Kaya came along with owner Sophie, to demo their gorgeous brushes.

I was amazed that Kaya was able to blow dry relatively frizzy hair to completely silky smooth with zero product in such a short amount of time.

I fist met Kaya as we both work for Living Proof at QVC so I’ve seen the results of these brushes first hand. I’ve also used them myself and have got to say they are game changingly good!

I knew the Tribe would love them too and they did! So much so that  we are Joining up with The Bristle Brsuh Company again on the 25th January to host a blow dry course at the Lovehair Studio.

I can’t wait to see the babes again and show you how amazing these brushes are!

Fancy it?? Drop me a line if you wanna see what the fuss is all about!

Peace love and Awesome hair

Jo xx


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