Frida Kahlo Inspired Hair in Morocco

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 couple of months ago, I had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Rachel Smuin to Morocco to create the hair & make up looks for an elopement shoot.

Frida Kahlo Inspired Hair Vibes

As a lover of the boho vibes, I always want to bring an element of that into my work but felt that this bride was sassier than that. She was the kind of chick that elopes to Morocco ffs! The standard whimsical braids and loose waves were not cutting it, so I took time to do some research into a stronger look…

I started with the colours, and loved the idea of bright pinks and reds contrasting against the pale and muted tones Moroccan architecture mixed with their patterned tiles and textures everywhere.

This also reminded me of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo‘s self portraits and the scarf and hair idea came from there. 

I’ve always loved wearing scarves in my hair. For me, it’s the colour to a simple outfit or the ‘height’ that my hair doesn’t always have. My crown when wearing a crown just ain’t cool. In fact, I recently had an undercut shaved in which has made it ever easier to wear them as they don’t slip up my head now or give me, well, just weird hair!

Then as it was me, there had to be a plait involved somewhere and after playing with ideas and sketching some shapes this look was born. 

It’s fast become a favourite for me, I knew straight away it would be…Sometimes I’m not fully IN until I see the photos afterwards, but this one gave me butterflies before it was even shot.  (Imma bit of a feeler like that!) Check out the gallery below – would love to hear what you think, EMAIL ME YOUR VIEWS >

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Photography: Rachel Takes Pictures
Jewellery: Tilly Thomas Lux

If you’ve never heard of Frida Kahlo, you must find out about her! She was the ultimate ‘Strong Bohemian’, a feminist, artist and master of transformation, known for her striking looks. The V&A are running an exhibition showcasing some of her personal items, CHECK IT OUT >


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