Boho Braids and Brides in Ibiza

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Last month I was worked with my gal Jessie May Young in Ibiiiiiza! I was there teaching  my BOHO BRAIDS + BRIDEScourse which featured looks from my NEW BOHEMIAN collection and was delighted so many of the current Lovehair Tribe came over to see me, as well as newbies and artists already living in Ibiza. It was obviously amazing to be able to work in a place that I’ve come to love so much over the years, but I loved how much these girls had invested in their businesses and themselves to take the time to come over. I mean, it’s Ibiza so I appreciate I wasn’t the only reason they were there, but they stepped up and invested. I can already see the difference its made to their confidence, their friendships and their insta (check out the highlights here>) and the feedback was incredible so I know it was worth it!

The course itself was jam packed with inspiration including plaits, tips on working on hair and make up in the heat, sparkles from It’s In Your Dreams and a social media course, so the girls could make the most of their photos and get them on the ‘gram! Jess has been living and working as a hair and make up artists in Ibiza for the last 3 years. She has recently set up a successful agency on the island and was on hand to chat through any questions and give advice about working there.

We started with a lovely breakfast and coffees in the harbour side cafe Los Otros. Then straight into my first hair demo, featuring what it takes to get a undone look that stays in, and a new braiding technique.

We were lucky enough to have Tahnee there from the huge festival make up brand ‘In Your Dreams’ she gave us loads of ways to up your hair game for parties, events and festivals, a look that’s so big in Ibiza but is getting bigger in the UK too…(I had a glitter bar at my own 40th recently!)

She also told us more about the brands story and I’m so happy to hear that it’s completely bio degradable. The sea is a huge love of mine and as much as I love glitter, the ocean is pretty enough without it! I am in LOVE with this stuff. It’s super versatile and easy to apply so you can create your own personal styles. I cut sections out from a chest piece and used them in the hair and down the neck of my model. So easy to use and super effective. I loved the little stars too that could just be dotted on the hair – Great on a short bob like mine!

We also had the gorgeous Zoe Newlove there, another hair and make up artist from the UK who’s making it work in Ibiza. She was sharing her expert social media skills and showing the girls how to get the perfect photos for Insta and blog feeds.

Next up was my scarf look that I used in Morrocco and the team were able to work on heads and each other to recreate this, using the IN YOUR DREAMS glitters to give the hair an IBIZA vibe.

We were given products and goodie bags by Kevin Murphy, which I used throughout the day and the girls got to take home with them. I love this cool brand as they do what they say on the tin, look amazing in your bathroom AND are fully vegan so you can rest assured they definately have not been tested on animals. (C’mon guys, its 2018! This does not happen enough!) All that, and they smell amazing. I was so happy to be able to collaborate with this brand for the day – Thanks and love to team Kevin Murphy!

We finished with a beautiful vegetarian lunch and headed off to the beach for cocktails afterwards. Erm, yes! That happened!

It was a huge success and definitely won’t be the last. In fact, 2019’s Ibiza retreat is already looking to be EPIC! Drop me an email to register your interest and get first on the list when the details come out! If Ibiza is too far afield we have an exciting Lovehair Session booked in for next month. We will be covering all the awesome tricks and styles we worked on it Ibiza but in our beautiful Surrey Studio, selling out fast though babes, BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW > I can’t promise sunshine but there will be plenty of chilled Ibizan vibes and kick arse braids.

I hope you can join us!

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From the Lovehair Tribe…

“This time last year I never thought I’d meet such an fabulous bunch of people! The support, the lessons and the friendships gained after joining The Lovehair Tribe has been incredible! Not only have I learnt new skills in hair and makeup, I have also gained the most beautiful friends and spirit sisters 😉💕Here’s to the next Ibiza Retreat 2019!”

Emily Alvarez Fausset // Makeup Artist // Hair Stylist



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