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our years ago, right after the most gorgeous outdoor yoga session, I had my first panic attack. 

It started as a sudden feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious (like butterflies, but actually bats!) and gradually got worse until I was struggling to breathe in the middle of Reigate High Street.

A week later, I went to the same class, came home and the same thing happened. Except this time I ended up on an ECG and an awful pain in my chest. Turns out, I’d hit the wall…BURN OUT.

Not cool.

Since then, I’ve learnt (and am still learning – it’s a constant struggle when you love your job) to work less and handle my time better. But I’ve been left with this awful anxiety.

Not really about work or public speaking weirdly, more about things that I’ve decided are dangerous…

Travelling in fast cars – mainly taxis, flying, volcanoes (I completely freaked out about going to Tenerife a few years ago!!). Two years ago whilst in the most idyllic and scarily remote bay in Croatia I totally lost my shizz over a potential hospital route in case one of the kids chopped their finger off (they didn’t). I also cancelled a perfectly lovely holiday to Tulum because it was on the outside dates of hurricane season and I very nearly backed out of a trip to Florida because of the ridiculous thought that a alligator or bear would wander into our garden. (Not actually that ridiculous as there are warning signs, but still).

You get the idea…I was a bit of a worrier. So you can understand why my recent trip to Bali was such a huge thing for me! Had I known there would be an earthquake whilst I was there, I can 100% guarantee we wouldn’t have gone! Let alone experience two earthquakes and a tsunami warning! Needless to say we survived, fancy going? See where we went here >

Last year really helped. I got booked to work in Sri Lanka and a private island off Indonesia, so had successfully travelled a bit. In fact we went to New York and Florida too, so it was a pretty good year for air miles. I am feeling less anxious in general and much more confident and braver in my holiday choices.

Yes, I felt anxious and wanted to back out each time, but I didn’t. I went and honestly had the most incredible year!

My kids are older now (16 + 12) and my anxiety is getting better, that, and it was both my husband and I’s 40th birthdays this year, (4 weeks apart) and we wanted to do something to mark the occasion. After much research Bali was top of our hit list.

Do you know what? It was AWESOME, I wouldn’t of gone 3 years ago. I don’t think I could of, and I would of missed out on an amazing trip. And although it was incredible, it wasn’t the dangerous adventure I thought it was going to be. We weren’t exactly in mud huts foraging for food.

It felt pretty normal and totally safe. It’s just a really chilled, spiritual, ubercool island on the other side of the world where the people are some of the nicest you will ever meet. We went white water rafting, swung in super high swings over the rice terraces with (zero health and safety!), lived through the afore mentioned earthquakes, a really fierce aftershock at the airport and a 45 minutes tsunami warming (genuine biggest fear!). Which, although I wasn’t that cool about, we got through it drama free. This isn’t even that dramatic compared to some fears, but for someone that struggles with anxiety it could of floored me.

Things didn’t always go to plan, so we changed the plan. We rebooked the hotel, researched, moved, went with the flow. And we had the best time! When what would of been my worst fears were real and tangible, it was still OK. I began to think I can do this, I’m OK. If I’d have let my fear of pretty much everything consume me, I wouldn’t of gone. I would have missed out and THAT fear is bigger than any other these days. (Ha! FOMO right?)

It’s the same in life and in business. If I don’t push myself out of my comfort zone I will miss out on the opportunities I really want. Sometimes you’ve got to have faith to feel the fear, let it wash over you and do it regardless. To do what you want, in order to live life to it’s fullest, rather than stick with what feels safe.

My mum always said to me; ‘A ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what it’s built for.’

Now and again things happen to us, or you may hear stories of people that have been tested, got through some bad times and come through the other side deciding life is just too short! My advise is don’t wait for something awful to happen before you have your defining moment. Invest in yourself. Know that we get one chance at this, so if you don’t like your life, your situation or your job, think about what you do want an make a change.

Be BRAVE my friends, whether it’s travelling to the other side of the world to experience new things, emailing your hair hero to ask if you can meet up for a coffee, or leaving your secure salon to go it alone.

There honestly is nothing worse than missing out because you didn’t feel brave enough at the time. At Lovehair we nurture and support stylists so that they feel confident, brave and authentic when they leave, ready to grab opportunities with both hands.

There is no ‘good time’ to do something that scares you, but often when we jump, we can grow wings on the way down.

Peace Love & Awesome hair

Jo x x

How are you going to ‘Be Brave’ this year?

Take it from the Lovehair Tribe…

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I initially knew Jo from first training with her a good few years ago. When I wanted to start up my business again after having children I knew she was the first person I wanted to discuss it with. I booked her Business Growth Course and we had an honest, open chat about over a few hours and a cuppa about what I could achieve and how best to set my goals. Most of all Jo gave me the confidence and absolutely determination that I can make it work with her help. She gave me insider knowledge and advice from actual hands on business practice, and that is invaluable. She absolutely has the knowledge of how to make a hair business a successful one and personalised a plan for me. I only have her to thank!’

I can’t THANK YOU enough. After our business growth session you gave me the confidence and realisation I needed to take everything to the next level. I know it’s corny but it’s so true! You made my dreams a reality just from a few hours chat over a cuppa. I can’t quite believe how fast it has all happened!

I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m determined to keep going. I am so loving seeing it all develop and grow and it doesn’t even feel like work. I’ve also had quite a bit of work through the Tribe, and I love knowing that network is there. Kate xxx

Kate Beaumont // Hero Hair Stylist // VIEW WEBSITE
Jennifer Oddy - Freedom hair & make up
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Where to start, I was drawn to Joloveshair ‘dream big’ course from the moment I found her page on instagram. The reason behind me choosing became clear instantly when arriving at the location. It was quirky, arty and totally blissful. I was instantly at ease when I was greeted by jo. She has a way of explaining and breaking down styles that makes it so easy to follow. I found that just being in Jo’s presence gave me inspiration. It was very intimate with only 5 of the most kind hearted ladies I’ve ever met taking the course with jo which made it perfect to learn and follow easily and it had that one on one intuition feeling.I entered the course not knowing where or what step I wanted to take next but jo helped me to see what it was that I wanted and gave me the confidence to do it. Thank you Jo you are truly a superstar!

Jennifer Oddy // Freedom Hair & Make Up // VIEW WEBSITE
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Starting off a new business can be scary as knowing how and what to do can be hard. I had previously covered a bespoke hairup course with Jo (Lovehair) and loved which inspired me to follow my dreams in starting my own business. I decided to contact Jo for advice as she seemed to be nailing it! Jo offered me a Business Mentor session over a morning in her home where she covered so much in just a few hours!

She looked at my current situation, hours and days I would need to be working, prices, earning potential, who I would be targeting and also setting me up on social networking as a business and explaining the benefits in doing so. I felt like her advice and help really got me started in my business venture and since then I’ve been gaining a lot of interest through my social media accounts, speaking to others in the same industry and is making me excited for my future.

Jo as a mentor is very supportive and encouraging and gets excited for you as your setting out on your own, giving you confidence to keep going. I would highly recommend a mentoring session with Jo if your seriously thinking of getting your business off the ground.

Julia Marsh // Not Another Stylist // VIEW WEBSITE
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I really loved the course Jo! I had such an amazing time doing the 4-day course. It has taught me so much and really helped to give me the confidence to put myself out there as a hair stylist. Jo is a truly wonderful person and to be taught by her has been an absolute pleasure. She is so cool, funny and open and created such a safe, calm space to ask questions that might feel silly – she was just fab! Plus the ladies I met on the course were all so lovely and we already have plans to work together soon, so highly recommend!




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