Q&A with the Lovehair tribe babes!

Good morning!!!So, it’s been a while since my last blog post..Forgive me but I have been rather pre occupied with well, life actually!! Writing a blog post is not easy and for me. Personally, it only ever works when it flows. Like, when i’ve got something real to say rather than:.”I did some hair at a wedding and it looked liked this ‘Insert photo’ and I used this product ‘Insert link’ ‘cause it smells lush and does what it says on ... Read more


I’m in the middle of writing a blog post about confidence, but I really wanted to share this with you today..Back in the day every stylist her her brother (literally in my case! ha!) started setting up agencies and teams of stylists, I have mentioned this before and it’s not really copying, just a natural and obvious way of growing your business.Recently, more stylists are setting up training schools and ‘acadamies', which I’ve gotta say is more surprising; as there is ... Read more

Bridal Hair As A Career

I worked with another amazing stylist yesterday. Like so many of my students, she is determined, creative and hardworking. She is also a mum.She opted for a career change after having babies and has decided that the hair & make up industry works for her. She has been a bridal hair and make up artist for a while now, but like many of us is struggling to grow her business alongside her young children. Her confidence has taken a pounding and she ... Read more

Messy Hair, Don’t Care

We all love a messy up do of late, me more than most!It's quite an art to achieve 'the perfect messy top knot' for that #Sundaygoals Instagram look, that is so chic. But do you actually want that for your wedding day? I often get asked how someone has created a particular look, (like the  styles below) But to be honest, the photo is usually a blogger rather than a bride and they've probably not really thought about it. Just casually thrown ... Read more

The ‘Lovehair Tribe’ Has Arrived! Who’s in?

So 2016 is looking like the year of the #GIRLGANG..Woop! Finally we are supporting each other , encouraging each other and helping one another kick ass. And man, does it feel good!?  We’ve always done this in a more private,  ‘Let’s have a cuppa’ kinda way. But this is different.. Many of us on are running or starting business’ and blogging, using social media to chat to our clients, but also to other small business’s and even our competitorsI always say to ... Read more

Are You A Cool Bride Looking For Wedding Hair & Make Up?

I have found that over the years I seem to have attracted the kind of brides that like my style and luckily, who’s style I like .. Or you could say ‘My VIBE attracted my TRIBE’ (Cannot take any credit for that – Totally stolen from IG!)When you have a trial, you are not only working out what your hair can do, but working out if you are a ‘fit’ with your stylist. Is it all a bit complicated and long ... Read more

2015 – Thank you.You’ve Been A Blast, But 2016, We’re Ready For Ya!

 ... Read more

Hair & Make Up For An Early Autumn Wedding at Millbridge Court in Surrey.

 ... Read more

A stylist’s guide to NEVER being late and what to do if you are

Being a great bridal hair and make up artist isn’t just about your creative abilities. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my thoughts on what makes a great wedding stylist an AWESOME wedding stylist. As I said in my previous post ; There is no second chance for a wedding. You can’t be late, get lost, get the wrong address, forget your kit. That’s it. You have so many hours to get the bride and her babes ready, looking ... Read more

Stylists – I’m Talking Bridal Agencies, Teams & Franchises

Please note the following post is my personal opinion, it is general and doesn't include everyone. This is based on my own personal experience and is just food for thought. Eat what you like, and leave the rest.It's aimed at stylists, but I hope brides will learn something from it too..I am writing this for 2 reasons - Firstly, I am often asked how to create a team of stylists, what goes into it and is it a good idea, so I ... Read more
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